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Brandon, MS
Partly Cloudy
Feels like 96°.
Humidity: 65% Dew Point: 74°
Clouds: 26% Pressure: 29.99 in
Wind: SSW 4 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 1:25pm.
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88 73
Rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
43%   31%
6:48   7:00
90 71
Partly cloudy until evening.
8%   29%
6:48   6:59
89 70
Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
12%   24%
6:49   6:57

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    Radioville’s First School Closes

    After 85 years, the oldest school in Radioville and the surrounding area has closed. Radioville First Elementary School officially announced this morning that the cost of repairs to the building after the recent storm outweight those of building a completely new building. School board...

    Fire Destroys Radioville Shed and Spreads to Home

    A shed fire spread to a Radioville home late Saturday night. The Radioville Fire Department was called to a shed fire that was spreading to a home at 123 Main Street around 11:00 p.m. on Monday. Firefighters found a burning shed next to a...

    Officers Moved by Appreciation During Backing The Badge Event

    It appeared all of the law enforcement officers who attended Friday’s Back the Badge ceremony at Radio Plaza were visibly moved by the community’s show of support. A good number of officers – some still on the job and some retired – attended the...

    Water Main Break Causes Havok

    Some students and motorists became stranded after a 102-year-old water main broke near the Bigtown Hospital this morning. A geyser has erupted in the middle of Radio Boulevard, flooding surrounding streets with rapid water and mud.  Eyewitnesses say that water is knee-deep in some areas...

    Report the News Remotely

    Your news team can remotely send breaking news to your Skyrocket Radio station website using the free WordPress iOS and Android app. In fact, this article was composed and uploaded via the app. Learn more about the app here:

    Stolen Vehicle Found in New Mexico

    A shooting victim’s car was located in New Mexico early Saturday morning.  The Bigtown Police Department received a National Crime Information Center alert in relation to Mr. Frank Ball’s stolen Honda Accord. Frank was found in the Bigtown Foods parking lot Sunday, March 6,...

    Local Program Teaches Kids Computer Programming

    We see kids playing on their phones every day but rarely do we see them building the games they’re playing.  However, there is now a program designed to teach kids those special skills. 10-year-old John says, “It’s always been my goal to become a...

    BPD: Store Owner Flashing Gun Did Not Break the Law

    A Bigtown store clerk loses his cool and picks up a shotgun.  Now, a community group is calling for action but the owner may not have done anything illegal. A lot of people are calling the store owner’s actions disrespectful and uncalled for.  There...